The Library Units and Division

Access Services Unit

The Access Service Unit is responsible for providing access to collections, services and facilities to Library patrons. The Access Service team performs various tasks inclusive of :

 Contacting Access Service Unit :

Senior Librarian :

Senior Library Assistant :

Library Assistant :

Education and Resources Unit

The Education and Resources Unit is responsible for facilitating access to library collections, services and facilities. The team carries out the following tasks :

Contacting Education and Resources Unit :

 Senior Librarians :

Senior Library Assistants :

Library Assistants :

System Unit

This unit plays important roles in :

 Contact Systems Unit :

 Systems Librarian :

 Senior Library Assistant :

Administrative Unit

Contact Administrative Unit :

Chief Librarian :

Deputy Chief Librarian :

Librarian :

Senior Secretary :

Senior Administrative Assistant :

Senior Library Assistant :

Operation Assistant

Resources Development and Metadata Unit

Resources Development and metadata unit is a unit which responsible for acquiring reading materials in all formats : physical and electronic to meet the needs of the university. The unit involves budgeting and negotiating with services provider to sustain the resources.

Besides, the unit also responsible in creating descriptive and discovery metadata for the library resources.

 Contact Resources Development and Metadata Unit :

Senior Librarian :

Senior Library Assistant :

Library Assistant :